LORD B PLANET RESCUE's drawing competition's 1st place is KAREN with her fine drawing - congratulation!!! :) 

In the graphic drawing style from 'The Legend of Lord B', Karen has chosen to erase almost all colours. Only Lord B's bird friend and a lightning bolt emerge strongly with the B/W globe as a backdrop. 


Karen wins 1 LEGO 'Lord B the parrot' figure, 1 sunshine yellow Lord B 'The parrot' T-shirt, 1 digital 'Legend of Lord B' E- and audiobook.


In 2nd place we find Fatim with her beautiful and insightful black and white artistic drawing with two people who find peace in nature. 


Fatim wins 1 sunshine yellow Lord B 'The parrot' T-shirt, 1 digital 'Legend of Lord B' E and audiobook.


On the 3rd place we find Odin with his funny parrots rushing to Lord B's aid to help save the environment. 


1 sunshine yellow Lord B 'The parrot' T-shirt, 1 digital 'The Legend of Lord B' E and audiobook is on its way to Odin for his great third place.

Lord B drawing Competition 2022

Enter Lord B's children's drawing competition. Lord B has a mission and you must help him complete it. The green bird will help make the world a better place for everyone to live in, so draw whatever you want and write your name on the front of your drawing.

You can read more about Lord B here and get inspired for your drawing.

Save the Rainforest

via email or create it between 1-4 pm. at DAY OF THE LUNGS on the 25th. of September 2022.


Place of physical delivery of your drawing:

Only on DAY OF THE LUNGS the 25th. of September between 1-4 pm. Institut for (X), Skovgaardsgade, Godsbanen, Aarhus 



All materials (charcoal, colored pencil, felt tip, naturematerials etc.) used on paper are permitted. Digital files are also accepted. Write your name on your drawing.

Age 4-13 years.


Last entry:

25th. of September 2022 at 23:59:59.

Revealed on 25th. of September 2022 between 1-4 pm. Winners of the competition will be published here on Lord B's website the 10.6.2022. 

Lord B
Top, winner Pollie Tolkmit - Lord B drawing competition 2018, below other winners.